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“FAIR PLAY” is an attitude based on respect for oneself and for the other players.


The sports philosophy of our association

Filosofía Deporte
  • Physical education and sports in Association schools contribute to the all-round development of our pupils.
  • Our sporting activities are a fundamental part of this process.
  • The extensive participation of our pupils in sport is a means of growth and the development of positive values and Fair Play. These, not the result, are the underlying principles.
  • Though we respect the autonomy and individuality of member schools, their physical education and sports programmes should be in tune with this philosophy, promoting healthy lifestyles and allowing students to take pleasure in physical activity and sport.

All our pupils taking part in sporting activities should…

Filosofía Deporte
  • Enjoy the different experiences that these provide which will enable them to build bonds of friendship.
  • Acquire a sense of commitment to their team-mates and their school.
  • Develop values such as respect, mutual support and honesty.
  • Develop skills and knowledge that can be put to good use in their free time.
  • Appreciate the significant contribution of these activities to their personal development.
  • Celebrate success and accept defeat with dignity.
  • Accept the discussion.

We expect our parents

Filosofía Deporte
  • To encourage their children to participate in the physical and sporting activities that their school organises.
  • To accompany and support their children in sporting events, in a spirit of “fair play” and upholding values such as respect, mutual support and honesty.
  • To understand that the objectives of the game are healthy enjoyment as well as a reasonable desire to win.
  • To contribute to a climate of respect among the players, the referee and the spectators present.

We expect our teachers to

Filosofía Deporte
  • Promote, stimulate and encourage their pupils to practise a variety of physical and sporting activities as an effective way of developing a healthy lifestyle.
  • Instil the values and qualities in their pupils that these activities foster.
  • Contribute to the all-round physical, emotional and social development of our pupils.
  • Seek continuous professional development as a means of personal improvement for the benefit of their pupils.

We expect referees to

Filosofía Deporte
  • Know and uphold the spirit and philosophy of the ABSCH’s sporting activities.
  • Have the necessary skills to carry out their role in the events in which they are involved, paying special attention to honesty, a sense of justice and integrity.
  • Be able to apply rules in an appropriate manner, considering the age of the participants, and seeking above all safety, fairness and enjoyment of the sport.
  • Keep in mind, in applying the rules, that the aim of these activities is to educate, ensuring that ethical behaviour, a good porting spirit and fairness are important factors in the lives of young people.
  • Be well turned out in appropriate uniform as befits their position as a referee.
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