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Environmental Policy of the Association of British Schools in Chile

The A.B.S. believes that all members of the schools of the Association will benefit from improvements to our shared environment and that our actions today will affect the global environment of the future. We therefore need to look beyond the "here and now".


The policy of the A.B.S. is to:

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  • Ensure that we meet the requirements of the regulations relating to the environment.
  • Improve understanding about the environment.
  • Raise aspirations by making staff and students more environmentally aware.
  • Encourage staff and students to strive to improve the school environment.
  • Promote the role of individuals in seeking to protect and conserve the Earth´s environment and resources.
  • Above all, acting in accordance with this policy should allow us to PRACTICE what we preach.


The policy will be enabled through development of three strands of action:

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  • Through teaching - Identification, development and co-ordination of subject-specific and cross-curricular environmental issues.
  • Through care and improvement of the school environment - Involvement of the School community in management of the buildings and grounds, to create a safe, healthy, and stimulating place to learn and work. This will be achieved through environmental awareness, training and guidance.
  • Through promotion of greater environmental awareness - Promotion of, and teaching about, wider environmental concerns – such as resource management, recycling, sustainable development and combating pollution (in particular motor vehicles ) - and the way in which local action can contribute to global environmental improvement.


The Headmaster/mistress of each school will promote, and provide resources for, environmental education and environmental management.


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