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Comité Ejecutivo

Presidente: Anemarie Hartwig Iturriaga, Trebulco School
Vice Presidente: Carolyn Pettersen Cave, St Margaret’s School
Tesorero: James Wilkins, St Peter’s School
Secretario: John Bell, Wenlock School

Comité de Educación

Presidente: Freddie Russell-King - St.Gabriel’s
Miembros: Paulina Molina - ABS Office
Darrell Eby - Redland
Andrew Wood - The Grange
Mark Rosevear - The Mackay
Carolyn Pettersen - St. Margaret’s
Ximena Gubbins – Wenlock
Peter Lacey – Craighouse
Michael Spooner – Redland
Ana Savelli - The Grange
Juan Ignacio Córdova - Bradford
Mariella Luci - Dunalastair VN


Comité de Planificación

Presidente: Derrick Allen – The Antofagasta British School.
Miembros: Paulina Molina-ABS Office

Comité de Standards

Presidente: John Mackenzie Dunalastair
Miembros: Odette Boys-St. Gabriel’s
James Wilkins-St Peter’s

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Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH)

Our opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 17: 00hrs.
Juan Montalvo 80,Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.
Tel.: (56 2) 2 212 1953

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